The First Mission Trip To Brazil – Part 2

Cathy at Temple Baptist

Cathy and Bubba at Temple Baptist -Redencao

The name of the town in Brazil which the thirty missionaries from First Baptist Church, El Dorado chose to serve in 1986 is Redencao which means redemption. The purpose of our mission was to lead as many as possible to Christ so they might be redeemed. Our secondary purpose was to begin the building of two new churches for the work of Christ in the area.

Redencao Building Team

Redencao Building Team-partial

On our first evening in Redencao we attended the worship service at our host church Temple Baptist Church led by Pastor Rosemar (Hose’ amar).

He had visited and given testimony in our church in El Dorado months earlier, so we already knew him. Also in attendance were our mission hosts Johnny and Barbara Burnett who were SBC missionaries living in Belem. Their son Brett accompanied them and served as one of our interpreters. The church held about one hundred and fifty people and was full of members and seekers each evening we had worship services. There were decisions by people to follow Christ at every meeting.

Morning Devotion

Morning Devotion – Magnum Hotel Lobby

We began each morning at approximately 6:30 A.M. with a devotion and prayer together. It was a good time to reflect on the previous day and commit ourselves to the work ahead. On at least four occasions and prior to our prayer time Bubba, Pastor Mark, Youth Pastor Hess Hester and I would go onto the streets of Redencao for a two to three mile jog. The locals who happened to be out those mornings, particularly the children would look at us with amazement. The sight of Americans was rare but to see a group of them huffing and puffing while jogging must have seemed extraordinary.

All of us would usually go to the building sites in the mornings while the temperatures were  bearable. We would work together until the noon break for lunch. The evangelist teams would take a short rest in the afternoon and meet our translators at 3 P.M. for our door to door visits. Cathy and I were on a team with another couple, and we had two translators working with us. Our primary translator was Lorenz, a pharmacist with a very limited understanding of English. He would translate our testimonies to the ones we visited and continue with his own conversation inviting them to repent and receive Christ as Savior.

An unusual Brazilian custom is when one approaches a home he claps his hands instead of knocking on the door. It is considered impolite to knock on a door. On one particular visit an elderly gentleman came to the door without a shirt. He stepped outside and following our conversation suddenly ran around to the back of the house. I thought perhaps he had been offended. In a minute or two he returned with his wife and two children. He had put on his nicest shirt. All of them bowed their heads and repented to receive the gift of Christ for salvation. He said he didn’t want to make such a prayer without having on his best clothes.

One particular afternoon of visitation Cathy and I accompanied Lorenz to six houses and were able to present our stories. We then stopped at a bar and pool hall in which seven very rough looking characters were noisily playing pool. As we entered their conversations suddenly stopped, and we weren’t sure what would happen next. The owner got two crates which Cathy and I used as chairs, and we presented our testimonies while seated. The pool players were quiet and respectful and before we left, we wrote all of their names on the list of all the people who had heard the gospel this day. Down the street from the bar was a grove of trees providing a shady spot for a family, and Cathy witnessed to them about the love of Jesus for all and especially His love for children.

Cathy sharing The Way with Children

Cathy sharing The Way with some children

Cathy, Bubba, Becky and I were invited one afternoon to visit a hospital owned by a physician Dr.Gerson and his wife Barbara who was also a physician. They gave us a tour of the hospital and their adjacent home while Barbara prepared for us some very delicious refreshments. Bubba witnessed to Dr. Gerson through our translator Alberto, a Brazilian exchange student who attended Ouachita Baptist University. Dr. Gerson had never become a Christian although his wife professed a faith in Christ. In a very tender moment he repented and prayed for Christ to enter his heart and life. He told us through tears, “This is a moment I will never forget as long as I live!” He invited us to return on another trip to work with him in their hospital, which I was able to do in 1988.

Dr. Gerson receiving the Word

Dr. Gerson receiving the Word through Bubba and Alberto  1986

A highlight of our witness in Redencao was a showing of the film Jesus produced by The Billy Graham Organization. It had been translated into Portuguese and was brought to Redencao by Alberto. We had chosen to show the film in the town square on Saturday night which is traditionally a gathering time for the locals. Earlier that day we had a sound truck driving around the area announcing the showing of the film that evening. Since there was very little electrical power available we had a gas-operated generator for the projector and a speaker system connected to Pastor Rosemar’s car battery. The screen was an 8 x 10 foot sheet attached to a wooden frame we had built. A phenomenon I wasn’t aware is when one projects a film on such a screen the movie can be viewed on both sides of the screen thus doubling the number of people who can view it. A total of approximately five hundred people saw the movie and heard in their native tongue the message of salvation. I believe this was the first movie ever seen by many in attendance.

When our time in Redencao was completed each of us believed we had been faithful to go where the Lord had invited and experienced Him in a new and fresh way. Upon return home and reflecting back we believe at least two hundred salvation decisions were made by the people in Redencao to follow Christ by faith. Cathy and I were grateful to have been part of this team of believers and are confident we will again meet our Brazilian brothers and sisters when Christ returns.

Dr. John

Bubba, Becky and team thanking God for spiritual fruit

Bubba, Becky and team thanking God for the spiritual fruit


3 thoughts on “The First Mission Trip To Brazil – Part 2

  1. Wow, it was so wonderful reading about your Brazil mission trip and seeing the pictures which brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing that. The last conversation I had with Dad before he passed away, we were in Brazil on a mission trip and I talked to him on the phone. I told him about the many people coming to Christ and in his weak voice said, “that’s wonderful.” I was so torn as to whether I should fly back early and be with him because I knew he was dying, but after talking to him I had such peace knowing that I was right where Dad would have wanted me to be and doing what he loved to do, telling others about Jesus. Thanks so much for sharing that and all your stories. I love reading them and always look forward to them. We love you and Cathy and thank the Lord for you both and your family!

    • Thank you Rachel. Your comments always inspire me and remind me what a great extended family we have. That’s one of the big reasons I keep writing. Cathy and I sure do love you , David and your kids and talk often about you and pray regularly for you. Two of our good friends from here (FBC Branson) recently attended 2 separate Sundays there and said how very much they “loved David’s preaching and your church.” Sure made us proud to tell them about you!

  2. Left a word but now its gone but I sad how wonderful to hear of the mighty work of od as you have shared the Gospel truths. This people heard now a multitude has read it and have seen its results To God be the glory!.

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