A Heart Interval


Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

For the past 4+ months I have taken a leave from writing on the blog because of issues with my heart. I began having heart symptoms in July, 2016 which I recognized as myocardial ischemia (lack of blood flow to the heart muscle) and an irregular heart beat later diagnosed as atrial fibrillation. Cathy and I spent the next 5 months driving back and forth to Fayetteville, AR for a complete heart evaluation coordinated by Dr. David Churchill at the Walker Heart Center. The conclusion was I needed a coronary artery by-pass and what is called a Maze procedure for the fibrillation problem.

Without going into many more details, I had the operation done in Fayetteville by Dr. James Counce on December 1. For the past 2 months I have been in the process of recovering from a very successful operation. It has been a slower recovery than I expected, but I am now in a cardiac rehabilitation program here in Branson for the next 2 months.

I have so much for which to be grateful, but Cathy and I have felt the sovereign hand of our mighty God throughout these long months. There has been no fear of death or complications, and for that I praise Him and His hand of assurance. My Cathy has cared for me night and day without impatience or complaints, and our love and commitment to each other has deepened as a result of this trial. Our children and grandchildren have loved and supported us in so many ways, and we believe this journey has brought us closer together. So many other family members and friends have prayed, called, brought many delicious meals, sent text messages, emails, as well as cards and letters. We are so grateful and humbled for every expression of love and concern.

I believe God has spared me to continue the ministry Cathy and I have shared these past 5 years since my retirement from the practice of medicine. I purpose to allow God to widen our borders and be available for wherever He leads. I will be writing about some of the lessons God has been teaching us through this interval, and want to say to you how thankful I am for your interest in this blog, and the many wonderful comments you have sent. In all of this may God be praised and receive all the glory!

Dr. John


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