The photograph was taken in 1963 when I was a senior in medical school. Dr. Berry Moore Sr., on the left was the operating surgeon and was being assisted by his two sons; Dr. Berry Moore Jr. on the right and me, the tall, skinny one in the middle. To the best of my knowledge, the patient survived!

I am currently the last of the 3 generations of Dr. Moore’s that practiced medicine in El Dorado, Arkansas. My grandfather, Dr. John Aaron Moore began his practice in 1898 and was joined by his son Dr. Berry Lee Moore Sr. in 1934. Dr. J.A. departed this life in 1943 and Dr. Berry Sr. continued in a solo practice until joined by his son, Dr. Berry Lee Moore Jr. in 1957. Their practice of Family Medicine continued until 1966 when Dr. Berry Sr. departed this life. I became a physician in 1964 and continued in training to become a general surgeon. Following 2 years on active duty in the US Air Force, my family and I returned to El Dorado in 1971 when I began private practice in general surgery. My first office was with my brother, but because I had a referral surgical practice, I moved my practice to join a surgical clinic in 1974, and my brother continued in a solo general medical practice. I practiced in El Dorado until 1999, when I stopped doing general surgery; transitioned to a wound care practice and moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas to practice wound care at Washington Regional Medical Center. My brother practiced until 2001, when he chose to retire and give home care to his wife LaNell who was diagnosed with a progressive dementia. On the date of his retirement, there had been a Dr. Moore practicing in El Dorado for a period of 103 years.

The purpose of this blog is to chronical the medical ministry of the Moore family to the people of South Arkansas for that 100 year period. I am recalling stories that my dad (Pops) told me of his years in training and his practice life, before my brother joined him, and the few years they practiced together. From the time I began practice in 1971, the stories I relate are first hand.

In all of these accounts I purpose to show the hand of God in my life and in my family’s life. I want to recount how my life and practice was changed in 1977, when both my wife Cathy and I were born again into the Kingdom. We became radically different, and I began witnessing for Christ through the profession of medicine and surgery into which God had called me. In this effort and through this media, may Jesus Christ be honored and praised!


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  1. Several of the members of Marrable Hill Chapel in El Dorado will be in Branson, MO Oct. 19-22. They would like to stop by and visit with you. They remember your visit and talk at the Goldenaires a year or so ago.

  2. Remember you Well, and praise God for Your Faithfuness to Live Your Faith in every avenue of Your Life and Practice. I worked at Union Medical from 1977-1989 than moved to The Dalles, Oregon in 1989-retired in 2012. You did my Gb surgery in 1987 , developed complications after going home, pancreatitis. Not your fault. God’s design to help me find what’s most important. Trusting in Our Saviour to Lead and heal. Wish You and family Well and God’s Continued Best.

    • Thank you very much Carl. I remember the gall bladder surgery but had forgotten about the pancreatitis. Your operation was before laparoscopic gall bladder surgery was developed and it was so much easier on patients with fewer complications. I would love to hear about your move to Oregon and your work there. I assume you are still there. I am grateful you found the Lord Jesus and are trusting him for every need! My email is: jcatmoore@suddenlink.net.
      Blessings to you:

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